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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vampire Weekend on Jimmy Fallon

Last night I watched Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for the first time. It was a bit painful. The man doesn't look comfortable in that role. And he certainly wasn't funny. Then again, was Jimmy Fallon ever funny? Aside from when he was reading Tina Fey's jokes on Weekend Update?

But I digress. His show was worth watching yesterday because the musical guest was Vampire Weekend, performing a new track, "White Sky." Their next album will be one of the most anticipated releases in quite some time - can they shake off that sophomore jinx?

This wasn't really a new song - I recognized it as one they played last year at Bonnaroo. But it's fantastic - it would've fit right in on their debut album.

Everyone in the blogosphere is waiting with bated breath for someone to post the video clip. For now, you can go to NBC's website, select the March 18 episode, and fast forward to about the 36-minute mark: http://www.nbc.com/late-night-with-jimmy-fallon/video/episodes/

They slowed down the tempo a bit, which is disappointing. For comparison's sake, here's how it sounded at Bonnaroo:

1 comment:

BeckEye said...

Bah. Vampire Weekend is so overrated. I kind of like that song about the kids not standing a chance, but the rest of their stuff is just...bah. Flibbity floo!!!

And, yeah, Jimmy Fallon...how does that guy get his own show, let alone THE Tonight Show?? If I want to see guys laughing at themselves and ruffling their own hair every 5 seconds, I'll go hang out at frat house.