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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ticketmaster, ticket resellers... who is the real enemy?

Nice article about Trent Reznor trying to combat re-sale ticket outlets:

I always thought scalping was illegal, so I don't understand how it's ok for companies to resell tickets at hundreds of dollars above face value. The RS article makes mention of a time when scalping "used to be" illegal, so I guess the law has changed. It's good to see that Trent is speaking out against this practice.

The ticket price issue is one that I feel strongly about. Kudos to Trent and to other acts like No Doubt, who are offering lawn seats at shows for only $10, for trying to keep their shows affordable.


jodi said...

amen to that!!!!!!!!!! it sucks so hard when the "service fees" are almost as much as the ticket itself.

BNAC said...

How much will Janes and NIN be? Do you know?
Yeah I probably would have skipped No Doubt...until I saw how cheap lawn tix were!

Peck said...

PIT tickets for the NINJA show cost $99 a piece! Pretty pricey.

Scott said...

$99 doesn't sound bad for pit tickets. The best seats in the house are always super-expensive. That's why they have lawn seats!

Peck said...

Agreed, $99 isn't too bad for PIT considering it might possibly be the last tour for both NIN and JA, not to mention Morello will be there.

Now KOL charging $42 a seat at the Palumbo, that's a different story.

BNAC said...

Yeah...Kings of Leon is out of their collective minds charging that much. I love em...but come on! I could see No Doubt 3 times for that! haha